Wednesday, August 31, 2005


The Official Start of the Refuge Farms BLOG

It is a sunny, pleasant Wednesday here in Spring Valley. I must write today as my thoughts are consumed by the fate of our Webmaster, Vincent, who is in a most serious, life threatening situation as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

A resident of Louisiana, Vincent is stranded with no power, no telephone, no fresh water supply, intense humid Louisiana heat in his second story apartment, a limited supply of food and meds, and no rescue teams in sight. Marshall Law is the rule of the land due to looting and so travel is scarey, at best.

Now it is true that Vincent is far better off than some, however, my friend is not safe nor secure. Please keep Vincent and all the others who are stranded, injured, and lost due to this disaster in your thoughts and prayers.

As soon as updated information is available, I will post it.

Sincerely, Sandy and the Herd

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