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Winter Hay Raffle on Labor Day at THE FARM!

August 25, 2013



That’s what we received when we opened the email from our hay supplier with prices for hay in 2013! The same round bale costing $65 in the fall of 2012 was now $110! OUCH!

Now, this is NOT the season to be searching for a new hay supplier. Everyone from the hay suppliers to livestock owners is hoarding hay! The Spring of 2012 taught us several lessons and the impact of those lessons is being felt by all of us as we head into the Winter of 2013-14.

Refuge Farms increased our hay budget for 2013 from $65 to $85 per bale. In our innocence, we believed a 30% increase would be sufficient. Hearing in July that our hay prices were increasing by over 70% was startling, to say the least!

In an attempt to meet the financial demand for this basic food for the horses, we are searching every corner for grant possibilities. The Store continues to bring in revenue and we’ve added this cash raffle for additional much needed support. All maintenance projects are on hold. Every ounce of every one of us is geared toward finding the funds to pay for our hay! Our goal is to bridge the financial gap of over $9,000 by Labor Day so we may begin the process of moving our winter hay supply home to our hay pad.

We need your help! Without hay, our horses will need to be re-homed or euthanized and our rescue efforts will come to a screeching halt! Many helpless and hungry horses will die needlessly! Grant applications are being submitted but those responses take months! We must buy our hay NOW and be prepared for the onslaught of unwanted horses that is just around the corner with the cold weather!

 Plus, you could be a BIG winner! How fun would that be!! All ticket sales will go directly to the Hay Fund for this season’s hay supply. Plan to drive out and join us on Labor Day Monday  here at The Farm where we will draw the winners and spend time in the barns with each other and the reasons we all work so hard – these marvelous horses!

Your support is remarkable and it allows us to continue our Missions – with horses #942 and #943 being rescued from Eastern Wisconsin on September 9th. Sadly there is no end to them, my friends. But our little corner of the world is better for those who cross our path. And without your continued support, we cannot continue our Missions of rescue.

Abundant blessings and thanks to each of you for your help with our hay! And hopefully, we’ll see you at The Farm on Labor Day Monday!
With Gratitude and Hope,
Sandy and The Herd

2013 Refuge Farms Hay Cash Raffle Details

   1.  Raffle License Number: R0025990A

2.  You need not be present to win

3.  Drawings held on Monday, 09/02/13, during Public Hours at Refuge Farms (10am-3pm) – please join us!

4.  Your donation is tax deductible with this letter as your receipt – simply print and complete the sections below and save with your tax receipts

5.  All proceeds will be used to support the purchase of hay round bales for the Winter of 2013-2014

6.  For every $55 you donate, you will have a $55 ticket created for you. These tickets will each give you a     1 in 18 chance at $500 cash! We will create "buckets" of $55 tickets of $1,000 totals and then a winner will be drawn from each "bucket". The more the tickets purchased, the more the "buckets" we will have and the more the lucky winners there will be!

7.  For every $110 you donate, you have a $110 ticket created for you. These tickets will give you a            1 in 18 chance at $1,000 cash! We will create "buckets" of $110 tickets of $2,000 totals and then a winner will be drawn from each "bucket". The more the tickets purchased, the more the "buckets" we will have and the more the lucky winners there will be!

8.  All winners will be contacted by Refuge Farms for the issuance of their winnings

9.  Your tickets and donations must be received at Refuge Farms on or before Saturday, August 31st to be included in the raffle drawings! And yes, PayPal donations from our website are included in these raffles!! So no need to worry about the mail reaching us in time!

I purchased ________ tickets at $55 each
I purchased ________ tickets at $110 each for a
total donation of $ ______________________

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