Thursday, February 09, 2006


"I found you on a web-ring!"

It seems like just a very little while ago, that my Mother said to me, "You kids, nowadays!". Mom and I were listening to music on the radio (WEBC in Duluth, MN, actually) and she was marveling at our music, our language, and our new "fandangled contraption" that we called the transistor with earplugs.....

Well, last night at THE FARM, I found myself telling a 7th grade caller, "You kids, nowadays!" As the words came out of my very own mouth, I smiled and just shook my head....time passes so quickly!

Now why did I just tell you all of that? Because of this:

I am about to talk to you and in this entry I am going to use terms that I don't understand. Heck, I may not even know how to spell them! I have a general - very general - understanding of the concepts, but how it works? Don't have a clue!

It was late when I arrived home from work last night and so feeding began when I am usually wrapping up. The horses called to me as I pulled in to the yard - Cole was standing with his head over the gate waiting patiently. The sight of the truck headlights caused most of them to turn and start walking to the barn. "Finally!" could be heard coming from the pasture....

I changed quickly and made up the meds needed for the nightly feeding and was literally just placing my hand on the kitchen door knob when the telephone rang. Been here many times before, but this time I sensed I should pause and answer the call.

The voice on the other end of the line was a young lady - Randy was her name. She was in 7th grade and had a history project due soon and wanted to know if I had the time to answer a few questions for her about Refuge Farms. You see, THE FARM was the topic of her history project!

"Cool!" was my response, once again dating myself! And so I sat down and kicked off my winter barn boots to spend the time needed to talk with this young lady.

Her first sentence told me more than she will ever know. She said, "I really don't have too many questions because I've read all about you on your website."

My, my. Things have changed. No more library trips. No more card catalogues. No more checking out research books and magazines to prepare for an interview. Now the students go on the web.....Oooohhhh, I feeling my grey hairs!.....

We talk about THE FARM and she asks me her first question: How do you think the horses feel about living at Refuge Farms?

I tell her just one story of one horse - Bonita - and her life before she came to Refuge Farms. I then tell her the 3 Promises that Bonita received on that Thanksgiving Day of her arrival here at THE FARM. And then I ask Randy, "Now, how do you think they feel about living here, Randy?" Her reply? One word: "Safe". She's got it....

Her next question was about Andy Durco and so we spent a bit of time talking about the man that caused this 90 degree turn in my life. We talked about challenges and dedication and keeping your word. She agreed "all of that" was hard work.

Her most insightful question came next: "How do you think Refuge Farms has influenced the people that have visited there?"

In response, I tell her the story of the lady who visited us for the very first time this past December when Mr. and Mrs. Claus were here. How this new guest and I had talked and how we hugged when it was time for her to leave. And how her closing words confirmed for me that Big Guy had been a good decision: "I think I can find my faith in humanity again here. Here in the eyes of Big Guy."

I told Randy that maybe, just maybe, Human Beings can find some of the same safety here that the horses find .... what did she think? Randy said "Maybe, just maybe they can."

We chatted for a bit more and then I asked Randy where she was from? Minneapolis! Wow! How did she find us all the way from Minneapolis? "I found you on a web-ring", she said.

Now, I just kept right on talking, but I have to say, this young lady had just said something about technology and internet groupings and searches .... and I don't really know how she found us. Really. I don't know what a web-ring I even spelling it right? Is it web-ring? webring? web ring? Don't ask me! I'm just glad Refuge Farms was there!

Technology is moving so much faster than I can keep up with - and I have now become my Mother, bless her heart. I trust that technology will help the human race be more Human. That it will cure and create and help. In this one little instance, it seems to be working, doesn't it?

This little place called Refuge Farms continues to quietly and respectfully reach out to the entire world! And sometimes we (read that as "I") don't even know how - at least I don't know how, technically, we get on these web-rings or on some of these search engines .... I'm stretching my knowlege level right now!...

You see, I don't have to know. Refuge Farms has Vincent in it's corner working hard for us. Thank you, dear Vincent, for your initiative and faith in us. You are the gift for which I am ever so grateful! This website is the Magic of our Webmaster Extraordinaire - Vincent. He's reading this right now and thinking he should strike this last paragraph - do not do that, please, V! You need to know just how valuable and appreciated your contribution is for all creatures - horse and Human Being - here at Refuge Farms!

And you readers - keep an eye on this website! We are about to release "The Other Herd" which is a picture and bio section of the volunteers that keep this place humming. And we are introducing a Sponsorship Page and the entirely new supporting program at THE FARM....the plans for the future include much more...blueprints for our new building....Makenna's Open Barn song....keep us on your "Favorites" list....oh, no! another technical term!!!!!

I need to go out to the barn and get close to a horse....maybe, just maybe, I understand a little bit about their technology!!!

Enjoy the journey of each and every day,
Sandy and the Herd and Vincent, Webmaster Extraordinaire

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