Sunday, May 14, 2006


We walk for the feet of the herd!

The 2nd Annual Walk for Refuge. What a day! I must tell you all about it!

First of all, the weather managed to do it's best for Refuge Farms once again. The previous week had been rainy and windy. And then that Sunday morning dawned with an abundance of warm sunshine, mid-70's, and a light southern breeze! Now, if you are the "omen" type, you're already smiling, aren't you?

Kathy and Lynn and Tara came to THE FARM early to help load the portable potty and off we went to Handy Andy Park. Setting up was quick and easy once we figured out the tricks to the electricity! Nothing, it seemed, was going to go wrong today!

Mike and Linda were the first to arrive. Then came OS Rose with her canine companion. Soon to be followed by Tracy and Luretta and Lambing Barb and the Webb's and the Halvorson's and Tina and oh, yeah, a huge black lab was leading Taylor and MaKenna! That was quite a picture!

I was amazed! This 2nd Annual Walk had grown in leaps and bounds! Over 40 Friends of THE FARM gathered on this beautiful early May day to walk for the herd. I shook my head in amazement. These people were giving up the opportunity to do yard work - to clean up after winter - to sit on their porches and decks and soak up the sun - to just read the Sunday paper! These people got themselves and their children and even their dogs ready and off to the park they came! For the sake of the herd! How blessed is Refuge Farms!

Registration was completed by 2pm and it was time to walk! But before I could let them go on their journey, I must announce the total that had been pledged by all of those people who had listened to a story of this place called Refuge Farms. And how we were walking for the feet of the herd. And had been moved to pledge to their friend for this cause. I must announce!

So I totalled the numbers. Was it possible? I rechecked my math and yes, it was true!
And so what did I say to these gracious advocates of our mission? I said what my heart felt - "Thank you. Thank you from all 16 horses on the hill. And Bonita is getting her feet x-rayed!"

You see, our dear Bonita has severly deformed front feet and could benefit from x-rays and specialized farrier services. But it has always been something that the budget could not afford. And Bonita, bless her heart, has never complained. She has instead patiently waited and now her reward is near!

The response was spontaneous applause and there were hugs all around! Hurray! For Bonita! And the entire herd! Hurray!!

So, with happy hearts and smiling faces, this "herd" of walkers and runners and bikers and riders went off! There were dogs and kids in wagons and bicylces and walkers! What a sight it was! My heart was busting with appreciation, gratitude, excitement, and anticipation! What a wonder this day was turning out to be!!

Very shortly, the pack returned and we all dined on smoked turkey drumsticks, chips, and gooey brownies! Conversation was lively and new friendships were made. Hugs were given, of course!, and we closed the day with amazement at our progress. So far in such a short time. Must be meant to be. It just must be meant to be.

And all of you should know that at 11 am the next morning, Dr. Jen was at THE FARM and our Bonita's feet were, in fact, x-rayed! Now, the farrier can do the best he can for her and we can do just what our mission statement says we will do - "and I will bind up the crippled and I will strengthen the weak."

So, here are a few pictures of this most happy day - and Thank You to all who walked and ran and told the story to anyone who would listen. You are the diligent souls who make this mission possible!

Enjoy the journey of each and every day,
Sandy and a healing Bonita and the rest of The Herd

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