Sunday, January 21, 2007


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Do you remember the day? It rained all morning! The farrier was 90 minutes late! The horses were cooperative but muddy, muddy, muddy! Do you remember the day?

Yes, I’m recalling the last remaining hours before the 5th Annual Open Barn Event – our premiere event of the year! And yes, it was raining….right up to 11:15am! And then the clouds broke and everything just happened!

The volunteers of Refuge Farms, true to their nature, just put their minds to “it” and “it” happened! Hay bleachers were uncovered, the auction tent was set up, vendor tables were set up, the beverages were unveiled, gates were taken down, wooden fence lines were disassembled…and all before the first guests arrived at 12 noon!

This was truly magic at it’s best! And to record the event, of course, was Jim D’Angelo of D’Angelo Photography. For the third consecutive year, Jim donated his talented eye and recorded our event with his lenses. And now, they are here for you to see!

Enjoy! Remember! Smell! Feel! And smile all over again! Look at each photo not only for the main subject, but look in the background and see what that holds! Hopefully, you’ll find as much joy in these photos as I do!

Enjoy the journey of each and every day,
Sandy and The Herd

To view the 5th Annual Open Barn photos by D’Angelo, press HERE.

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