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What's a blogette???

Each week we are very fortunate to have Sandy give her thoughts and feelings regarding Refuge Farms via the blog. Recently we began passing the baton of blogging to our supporters and volunteers. And so, the second Sunday of every month, that honor now goes to our guest bloggers. They're volunteers, Friends of THE FARM, or they might even be people who only know THE FARM because of our Missions. Whatever the case may be, through their eyes, we experience the "MAGIC" of Refuge Farms.

Sometimes thoughts or reflections about Refuge Farms are sent to Sandy, and even though wonderful, would not be large enough for an individual blog. Since we decided it would be unfair to keep these to ourselves, we decided to post a few of these them blogettes if you want. The honors this time go to Gayle, Ruth, Taylor, MaKenna and myself. I hope you enjoy them.

Vincent – Webmaster

May 2007

Earlier this Spring my daughter was given an assignment in school: Why do women relate better to horses? Her thoughtful response was due to genetics and women's nurturing of big animals going along with their caring for their husbands....

I had a recent Ah Ha! light bulb go off in my head that some may relate to, especially those who work with rescued horses, and/or abused women.

I think that woman get along well with horses because like the horse/herd animal that is a prey animal, depending on it's running ability to survive, women also survive best in groups and must be able to run when threatened, since they usually have less strength in combative situations. I think women relate well with this fear which horses and women express. I think they see/sense/feel it sooner than men and so tend to give space when it is needed rather than push. I think they see the importance of keeping things playful. Their attention is more likely to be on the journey and keeping it fun than on the outcome, though the outcome shows up before we are done playing! How fortunate!


February 2007

Never have I been more inspired by an organization and the wonderful work you all are doing. Having earned my B.S. in Agriculture from UW-River Falls I well remember the brutal winters and do not envy you the chores at this time of year. So wish I was close enough to join in the volunteer activities but will certainly be sending a check instead.

I would appreciate any thoughts on animal communication. Many times in the posts I get the feeling of The Herd actually communicating with humans. Can this really be possible? If so, can any person be open to this communication or only certain blessed individuals? I have come across workshops claiming to offer to teach this ability but would like to gather background beforehand.

Thank you in advance to anyone who would care to share their expertise. Take care and keep yourselves and critters WARM!

Thank you Sandy for pointing me in the right direction to begin to learn about animal communicators. I found your organization on the internet while looking for an equine rescue in Wisconsin that would be closer to where I live. I was captivated by your image invoking writings of the horses and the man who inspired you to begin it all. Will certainly be making a trip to visit when I can coordinate my schedule of volunteering for therapeutic riding with one of your open barn Saturdays!


April 2007

We LOVE having our birthdays at Refuge Farms!

For the past few years, we have had our birthdays at THE FARM. We had asked our friends to 'not' get us a present but to give a donation to the horses instead. We get to visit the horses the whole time and brush one of the horses that Sandy has brought out onto the lawn for us and our friends.

After we count up the money that our friends have donated for our birthdays, Sandy let's us pick a time when we would like to pay for the hay the horses eat. Then, she reminds us of those days on her portable sign on her front lawn. It is a BLAST having our birthdays at Refuge Farms. We hope that we can have our birthdays at THE FARM every year!

Taylor & MaKenna

April 2007

HI! My name is Taylor. My birthday is in October. Most of the time, it is very cold.

At my last birthday at THE FARM, it was freezing cold! So, we all went in to the barn and had hot dogs and hot chocolate. We also got to take turns feeding the horses. Man! Can horses eat a lot of food! After we ate and the horses ate, we opened the cards my friends had given me for my birthday. I had asked them to donate money to Refuge Farms instead of giving me a gift. I have enough stuff. The horses need more than I do. I, then, gave all the donations to Sandy. Like always, Sandy started to cry. I also gave her a pin that was shaped into horses running. Sandy said, "The horses are running out of me!" I believe that the horses are always part of her and will never run out of time with her; even when they cross over. I love spending my birthdays at THE FARM!!!


April 2007

HI! My name is MaKenna. My birthday is in August. Two years ago, I invited some of my friends to my birthday party at Refuge Farms.

We had a blast with the sprinkler! A friend and I each took a hold of Sandy's hands and held her right in the path of the sprinkler. She was soaked! LOL!!!! However, right after that, Sandy picked up the hose and got us back. LOL!!!

Instead of gifts, I had asked my friends for donations to THE FARM. I raised about $100. Sandy cried. This past year, I invited my whole grade to THE FARM. We had a bonfire and got to brush a couple of horses. I ended up raising $350!!!!!! Sandy cried again. I love having birthdays at Refuge Farms.


June 2007

A question that is often asked by those who know what I do…is, "How do you do a website for a horse refuge? You have never even been on a horse!" Probably a fair question a few years back but, though I live 1500 miles away, I do feel very much a part of THE FARM without ever being there.

We live in a great expanding world of vast information that is available at the click of a mouse. On Friday (while waiting for my fellow co-hearts for the staff meeting) I was able to watch, in real time, the launch of the space shuttle right there on my very own computer screen. Amazing!

In an email with Sabra one day…I had a reflective moment. I am sure this "moment" would fall into the category of "the good old days" but it really wasn’t all that long ago. I remember a time when my work computer had a monochrome screen and it wasn't connected to anything because "networks" had not come of age! Just think how far we have come.

Now I must admit, technology is not the answer to everything. There is a very critical component called "the human factor" that can't be measured in bits and bytes. It is the very heart and soul of how I can do the website from way down here in the Deep South.

You see, I read the stories, listen to the volunteers, look at the pictures, and from what I know of the Missions of Refuge Farms…it is as if I wake up every morning right there in Spring Valley. It is very real and very powerful. From the start, I have always had one goal in mind. After visiting the website, it doesn't matter where you are…you should feel the need to dust some dirt and horse hair off of you. You don't have to be there to experience it but you do need to open up your heart and let everything good about Refuge Farms flow into it. That is the key, I think, to the "healing" that takes place at Refuge Farms.

I would like to talk more about all of this but, right now, I need to put some hay out for the horses!


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