Sunday, March 09, 2008


For the Love of Our Herd...

In this time of economic and social unrest, more than ever I find myself drawn to all of what nature has to offer - spring lambing in Montana, hiking a sandy beach path on the coast of California, viewing numerous National Parks, pulling weeds and tending flower beds, or enjoying the off-leash dog park with Mom and my dog, Fly. And always returning and rediscovering the Magic found only at the horse rescue known as Refuge Farms.

Nature is the essence of THE FARM. The Herd of eighteen horses are known as "diers" - horses that have come to THE FARM because they are too weak for slaughter or are blind and/or physically and emotionally damaged to the point that they have no other options. When they arrive, every horse is given THE THREE PROMISES:

  1. You will never experience verbal or physical abuse again - you will be treated with respect and unconditional caring.

  2. You will never know HUNGER or THIRST again.

  3. You will never have to join a new herd - you will live at THE FARM with The Herd and when you cross you will remain at THE FARM.

During their time of healing, The Herd evolves from Survivors to Thrivers and pass on the essence of healing to all who come to meet them. You are only a stranger to The Herd the first time. Every time you come you discover more similarities between your dreams and desires and the seemingly simple needs of The Herd to be hunger free and treated with regard by all whom meet them.

A relationship between Horse and Human is individual and special. A horse does not care how physically or emotionally fit you are. Instead they help us look in to our very beings. Gazing in to their eyes is certainly a window to the soul. This interaction is the intangible essence we at THE FARM call Magic.

For our horses to continue to freely give of their Magic, my belief is that we must insure that we continue to have resources to allow The Herd to have large round bales of grassy hay to eat and clean water to drink. You may consider this to be a given, but, in fact, it is the simple truth that without hay, Refuge Farms could not have The Herd, who are so willing to minister to all of us.

With the continued high price of hay, our cost for the winter of 2008-2009 for our herd of eighteen horses will be close to $15,000. Refuge Farms horses come from the northwest regions of Wisconsin and unfortunately, do not enjoy the same legal protection as do dogs, cats, and other domestic animals. So there is no city or county or state funding for the care of horses that are victims of starvation and other abuses. Refuge Farms and other horse rescues depend solely on the generosity of others.

As a result, I am pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Hay Fund Challenge! This is my second year of sponsoring the Hay Fund Challenge in an attempt to insure that our promise of food, given to each member of The Herd, will be met and paid for. As with the last year's challenge, I will match the first $2,500 in donations toward our upcoming winter hay bill.

Your contribution need not be a monster size. Maybe it is a monthly pledge of $50! Perhaps you could consider gathering friends and family and pledge your support to the Hay Challenge. For your convenience, you may make your donation using PayPal® or the form provided.

Please, come visit THE FARM and experience the Magic of Refuge Farms for yourself!

The Herd of Refuge Farms thanks all of you who donated to the 1st Annual Hay Fund Challenge and they eagerly await your continued support of hay for the coming winter. All 18 herd members are grateful for your support of their primary food source!

So I invite you to The Challenge! The Herd thanks you! I thank you! Please come, visit Refuge Farms, and experience the Magic and Healing found in the horses and Humans alike!

As always, "for the love of horses",
Barbara G., a.k.a Lambing Barb

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