Sunday, April 20, 2008


It’s Great to be Heard!

Everyone once in a while, someone will see an issue so clearly that it becomes logical and blatantly plain-to-see for them. It becomes obvious to them. A no-brainer. And it seems incredulous that others can’t see the situation as clearly as they do! It is peculiar to the one with the clear vision that others around them are able to go about their daily tasks without talking and working and doing something about this obvious, true, and logical issue!

LB (as I affectionately call Barb G.) is such a person when it comes to hay for The Herd.

To LB, it is obvious that without hay there is no Refuge Farms. That without hay, everything else we do and plan for is nonsensical. Without hay, there is no herd. It is very simple to LB. Black and white. Blatantly obvious. No discussion for LB because there is no need for discussion. We must have hay over anything else.

At the start of the year 2008, true to her convictions, LB once again shouldered the cause of hay for The Herd and pledged her matching contributions for The 2nd Annual Hay Fund Challenge. The first $2,500 would be matched by LB – dollar for dollar – and the monies put aside to begin the purchase of hay for the winter of 2008-2009. Some of The Friends of THE FARM pledged $50 per month for the Hay Challenge. Others have donated to The Challenge as they have found us or wanted to make donations in memory of a special equine companion or just a donation after hearing of us. The 2nd Annual Hay Fund Challenge is moving along and people are hearing LB. Her words on not falling on the ground. Her words are finding others just like her.

Others like Sally D. and Joy B.

Sally D. and Joy B. found Refuge Farms after moving to Spring Valley from Green Bay, WI. In fact, they found us right about the time that Miss Bette fell and suffered from The Storm From Hell on the worst night of last winter. These two bring their happy hearts and willing hands to THE FARM as well as true understanding and real life experience of how a non-profit must survive and what obstacles it will face along the way.

And so it is with great appreciation of all three of these women that I pass on to you an email just received from Sally D. and Joy B. Read on.....


We have been talking and wholeheartedly agree with LB that hay is central to the welfare of The Herd. So, we would like to issue a second challenge. We will match an additional $2,500 of donations to The 2nd Annual Hay Fund Challenge. That means The Challenge for the 2008-2009 winter hay supply will be for a total of $5,000.

We encourage all friends of Refuge Farms and visitors to the website to help supply the basic need of The Herd. We especially challenge The ‘Other’ Herd to donate to the challenge and to share the challenge with family, friends and lovers of horses. Some of you may work for companies that match your charitable giving -- if so, you can triple the dollars you give to the Hay Fund Challenge.

For the Mission of Refuge Farms to continue we all need to step up and help care for the most precious members of Refuge Farms, the horses. LB was eloquent in her blog "For the Love of The Herd". You cannot stand with The Herd and not have your heart go out to their needs. We all need to step up and give -- buy one less latte, or choose not to eat out one time.

Sally D. and Joy B.

And so it is. Refuge Farms, from the generosity of these three women, now has a $5,000 Hay Fund Challenge for the entire world to see and support! For every dollar you give, these women will match your dollar and that money will purchase round bales of hay.

Hay. It’s like air for The Herd. Without it, truly, as LB says, there is no herd. They must have hay and so we must find ways to purchase the hay that they require.

Join with me in support of these women and in support of The Herd. Thank you, Barb G. for being that strong, lonely voice constantly chanting of our need for hay! Thank you, Joy B. for hearing LB and choosing to act upon her words! Thank you, Sally D. for giving your voice in chorus with LB to insure the message is heard! And thank you to all of you who participate in their challenge and support the very basic need of these wonderful Ministers in Horse Hair!

Enjoy the journey of each and every day,
Sandy and The Herd

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