Sunday, October 19, 2008


Contemplations of a Fall Day

What a nice week and what a nice day!

Refuge Farms was busy this week with three tours in 2 days. The Transition Students divided up in to two groups and visited us in the morning and the afternoon of this past Tuesday. Kelly, their teacher, is a return guest here at Refuge Farms and a kind soul. The students were very interested in the horses and some had visited with us previously.

Miss April was our first project – brush, brush brush! She understands children and is so patient with their constant kisses and nose touches. A most patient and understanding minister is she!

Then Gracie was brought in and of course, she dozed while we brushed her and marveled at her petite little body. PONY! was calling for her and we all giggled when Gracie hollered back to him!

Little Man was a joy for those who really weren’t “in” to the horses. He certainly enjoys our tours!

Then on Wednesday, LaVonne brought her Special Needs class and it was like a reunion! Blade and Tiffany and Dale and Joseph were back at THE FARM. You see these young men were at the very first Camp Quest in Menomonie – over three years ago! In fact, LaVonne and I talked about DukeDuke and Jimmer and the lessons were learned that day at Wakanda Park.

And so it was only appropriate that after our brushing and horse time, we stopped at DukeDuke and paid our tribute to that big gentle soul. I was most impressed with the respect these students paid to the memory of that horse. Many knew and remembered him but many did not. Still, it was quiet and respects were paid by all.

Later in the week, a couple stopped by to inquire about some equipment I have for sale at the roadside. They looked familiar and soon i recalled the time when they had visited THE FARM. We refilled the stock tanks and talked about the cost of living, the cost of caring, and the cost of not caring. We all agreed that to do nothing was far more costly than to pitch in and help where needed. Kind people. Enjoyable conversation. And during our conversation, the bells from the church on the hillside began to serenade us and seemed to reinforce our conclusions.

And today was a quiet day in this beautiful warm, fall air. Many plants were placed in special places on special Memory Beds. Some of the summer lawn decorations were stored for the coming winter. And it is at this time of year, as I close up another season, that I think back to the year and contemplate our Missions.

Yes, we reached many again this year. Many Humans who visited us or read our stories. Many horses were saved during the summer season. In fact, Mr. Gelding is grazing quietly with Spirit close beside him. I am pleased with our summer season. It has been one of rescue and renewal. It has been one of change and all of the nerves that come with the process of that change.

But more than that, I am pleased with the contentment of this place. I stood at one point in the afternoon sunshine and simply let my senses overflow – my skin felt the warmth of the fall sunshine, my face felt the movement of the breeze, my ears heard the bells of that local church as it played “How Great Thou Art”, and my eyes beheld the sight of horses contently grazing in a pasture with their mates.

I am a very wealthy woman. My heart overflowed and then just when I thought I could not absorb any more, a wet nose nudged my hand and reminded me that yes, there are little creatures here that love us all, too.

Work hard and be productive this week. Treasure each day. Remember, each and every day is a gift never, ever to be wasted!

Enjoy the journey of each and every day,
Sandy and The Herd

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