Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I just woke up from a dream. These past six weeks have seemed like a dream. The Gala Committee has done an exceptional job of organizing, planning, connecting, contacting, and communicating. I have been able to remain in “my dream” all this time while the Committee worried and worked out the details. Lucky me!

But just now – about fifteen minutes ago - four huge and heavy boxes arrived from Tennessee. From a company called New World Library. The invoice says that one hundred books just arrived. Books entitled “the forgotten horses” by none other than Tony Stromberg. And now I just woke up from my dream! Reality just came to my world!

It’s real! The Fall Gala is upon us! This Saturday evening, Refuge Farms will host the Fall Gala with Tony Stromberg at the Hudson Golf Club. White linen tablecloths. Walleye almandine. Sirloin with mushrooms. And of course, vegetarian plates as well. A Silent Auction of forty very attractive baskets. And the Live Auction with Jeff Hines of another thirty baskets for over forty-five items. Book signings by Tony Stromberg of the books that were just delivered. And all emceed by Beth Kidd, a loyal and true Friend of THE FARM.

It’s real! Holy Herd! The Fall Gala is upon us! Reservations are coming in via email and telephone. I’m encouraging people to register as a walk-in may be declined due to room capacity. Also in the room will be over a dozen product lines from vendors who have reserved space. These vendors bring artwork, jewelry, intelligent toys for children, metal creations for home decoration, animal-free cosmetics, and more. Quite an assortment of vendors to entice you further.

It’s real! The Fall Gala is upon us! Trempealeau rescue friends are traveling in from southeastern Wisconsin and even other rescues, both large and small animal, are attending. We all see the need and I am thrilled we are beginning to support each other. Our Board of Directors will be, for the most part, attending. We send our prayers and wishes for a continued recovery to Moira. Rest, my dear! Heal well and quickly but right now, you must rest! Many familiar faces and some new faces will be in the room this coming Saturday. How exciting!

It’s real! The auctions have some wonderful, absolutely wonderful items! Four Club Level tickets to the Minnesota Wild playing the Champion Detroit Red Wings. A complete golf package for four at a very nice private golf club. A signed print by Tony Stromberg. Coffee and tea baskets. Cooking baskets. Home décor baskets. Horse baskets. Dog baskets. Cat baskets. And even tool and fishing baskets! I am most pleased and very impressed with the quality and variety of baskets assembled for both the silent and live auctions. And yes, Mike Murach blessed us again with another original creation of one of The Herd here at THE FARM. Selling print #1 of 1 again. The only signed print of this original done in Mike’s incredulous style. A keeper piece, for sure!

It’s real! We have a great photographer donating his services to record the evening. And get this – after donating his time and talents he is also donating some of his high-speed work – framed and matted – to our auction! Wait until you see his abilities! It will make you do a double take, for sure! Thank you, Mike Hagberg, for your contributions!

It’s real! And now I begin to smile…. Beth Kidd will tell us the story of Refuge Farms in her own words. Tony Stromberg will speak to us about what is in his heart. Those two messages, alone, are worth the effort of the evening. The invitation says that you will be changed from attending this Refuge Farms Fall Gala. And I believe these two individuals will have the greatest impact on you of all. Beth’s heart is huge and so in tuned with the need for human connection for healing. And Tony? Well, all I need to do is look at “the forgotten horses” to only imagine what his message will be. This time with Tony may be life changing for some of us in the audience. My guts tell me that there will be silence as we all realize the plight of the horse and the might of the horse from these two eloquent and powerful speakers.

It’s real! Join us, won’t you? The Refuge Farms Fall Gala is this Saturday, November 8th at the Hudson Golf Club in Hudson, WI. Social hour begins at 4pm with dinner being served at 5:30pm. Silent auction begins at 4pm with the live auction beginning at 7:30pm. Tickets for the event are $50 per person with reservations made through email or voice mail to THE FARM requested.

It is going to be very real. Life-changing real. Heart moving real. It’s the conversation that will change you. Grab you. Make you feel the beating of your heart in your chest. Conversations with old friends and newly made friends. Beth's and Tony’s conversations will begin a little after 6pm. You really don’t want to miss this opportunity to hear Beth and Tony speak. Tony is part horse, you know. Why do I say this? Because you, too, will see it in him and hear it from him. The man truly carries the heart of the horse within him.

Enjoy the journey of each and every day,
Sandy and The Herd

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