Sunday, November 23, 2008


Life at Refuge Farms (In the Stetzer’s eyes)

When a sign up sheet was passed around at one of THE FARM meetings for us to sign up to be a guest blogger – I thought, "COOL! We can do that!"

Now as it comes time to write the blog I am at a loss for words. I am sure some of you who know me are thinking, “That is hard to believe!” LOL

I guess I should start off by explaining how Refuge Farms “found us”….

A friend of mine (neighbor at the time) came home from work and started telling my daughter and I about this place that one of her clients (Kathy M – gotta love her!) kept telling her about and kept trying to get her to come out to this wonderful place which happened to be holding an even that next weekend. My neighbor was telling us that this “horse place” has these horses that have been abused and or beaten and told us the website and we decided to go to “this horse place” on that next Saturday.

We arrived at Refuge Farms and Bri and I were hooked right away! I have always loved horses since I was a little girl and Bri has been following my footsteps. It was a chaotic day, everyone was getting ready for the Open Barn they were having the next day. Even with all the craziness, Famous Barb took time out of getting ready for the Open Barn to tell us all about the horses and their stories. We took lots of pictures and planned to come out the next day for the Open Barn.

We found it so peaceful – there on that hill.

Jeri-Ann loved Bri. We did bring carrots that day so the horses loved us but even after the carrots were gone Jeri-Ann still hung around and seemed to follow Bri wherever she went.

That night Brianna and I went to and signed up to become volunteers!! We have helped out at THE FARM and THE FARM’s events for a little over one year and have loved every minute of it! Even scooping the poop in the barn and pulling out the burrs! HA HA!

In May of ’08, my kids, Brianna, Brandon and Dale, decided to have a Penny Challenge at their school, Wakanda Elementary, to raise money for hay for The Herd. The kids prepared ice cream pails for each grade with pictures of all the horses (Little Man and Keller,too!!) at THE FARM and The Three Promises and presented the Challenge to the Student Council. Everyone was happy to help out the horses! The prize of a pizza party helped, too!

The challenge was for two weeks. Between all the students and staff, $450 was raised for the herd!! WOO HOO! We were able to bring PONY! and Gracie to the school grounds for all the kids to be able to meet at least two of the horses they helped to raise the money for. The kids were as grateful as the horses were!

We are in the process of getting another challenge going – hopefully the Menomonie Middle School.

We have learned a lot from everyone at THE FARM – two and four legged. We find ourselves at peace when we are at THE FARM, no matter what we are working on.

Thank you to all of our friends we have made at THE FARM and to you, Sandy, for all the wonderful things you do each and every day. We have learned a great deal from you! And we thank you very much!!

Live Life to the Fullest each and every day! For the love of horses! May Sweet Lady Grey Rest in Peace!

Kimmie, Brianna, Brandon and Dale

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