Sunday, January 25, 2009


The State of THE FARM

To say that time passes quickly is an understatement. On what basis do I make that statement? Because The Annual State of THE FARM is already upon us!

This coming Saturday, January 31st, beginning at 10am, we will engage in a conversation to review the calendar year of 2008 and set our pinnacles for the upcoming year of 2009. The meeting will be held in the library of the Spring Valley Elementary School in downtown Spring Valley. And yes, I have ‘grown-up’ chairs for us to sit on!

We will review volunteer hours contributed in 2008, event recaps for 2008, and the generous donation gifts received for 2008. Then we’ll look at the offsetting expenses for the year. Many of the expenses are repetitive from the previous year but we have many victories to proclaim, as well! For instance: Thanks to the 2nd Annual Hay Fund Challenge, our round bales for this winter were paid for upon delivery. Now there’s a victory!

The current Grant Committee will update us on their activities and goals. Our Sponsorship Committee will unveil the program being tweaked and in its final stages. And the Gala Committee will talk with us about our Fall Gala – another night to remember, I’m sure! And the Adoption Committee will highlight their successes in the formulation of our adoption program.

We will review the Calendar of Events for 2009 and distribute project sheets for the events already in process – the Younkers/Hershbergers Community Day Sale and the VanBourgandien Spring Bulb Sale. The days for the Antique & Garage Sales will be finalized and of course, we must talk Country Jam!

We’ll review a few of the highlights of last year….our friend, Tony Stromberg, for one. And we’ll talk about some of the most memorable rescues of the year.

And after all of the talk, we’ll eat! There is a luncheon space available for us – with electricity – for our potluck after all the energy we spend buried in all the details. Refuge Farms will supply bottled water, plates, flatware, napkins, and cups. Feel free to bring whatever it is that you like to eat as others, I’m sure, will do just the same! This crew always creates a colorful and tasteful buffet!

So join us, won’t you? See where all of your hard work has taken us. See where your generous gifts have been utilized. See what our successes have been and help us form our goals for the near future. This meeting, as is Refuge Farms, is open to the public. You are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Come and sit amongst friends with like hearts – and get a few hugs while you’re there!

The Annual State of THE FARM
Saturday, January 31st
10am to 1pm
Spring Valley Elementary School Library
South 200 Sabin Avenue, Spring Valley WI

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