Sunday, December 06, 2009


A Little Grace Needed

It is a sunny day. Warm, actually, for the time of year. Still brisk compared to what we were enjoyed two weeks ago, though! A day for being outside and completing those last minute tasks before it is truly too cold to be working outside. A day for me to attack this infernal "TO DO" list I have on the counter!

My plans for today included traveling in the early morning to a benefit breakfast at the Zuhrah Shriner's Horse Patrol barn. A quarterly breakfast that I love to attend in support of their Mission and to also, selfishly, give me a chance to see Randy. Remember the 22 year old stallion that we rescued, gelded, and then re-homed with the Zuhrah's? I enjoy the good food, the fellowship, and then I wander to the barns to enjoy the sight of yet another life saved. Randy is thriving and it does my heart good to see such a success.

But my plans for today disappeared upon my waking this morning at 3:04AM. My throat was sore, my head was splitting, and I was freezing cold. A few aspirin, a few more blankets, and I headed back to bed for some rest. The morning feeding routine took me over two hours. A task I typically complete in 90 minutes.

I ran one errand today in support of Laddee, the Little Belgian Mare. Then I headed home to clean barns and rest. The fever is sitting at right around 101 degrees and my body feels like a balloon with a slow leak. To say my legs are weak is an understatement.

So, I need a little grace from you today. I have many things to tell you but a body that is demanding rest, orange juice, and warmth. With a little TLC, I will be restored and then back with a story to tell you.

Take care! Eat well. Sleep well. And be good to yourselves!

Enjoy the journey of each and every day,
Sandy and The Herd

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