Sunday, January 31, 2010


A Week of Winter

It has been a week of winter. The frigid air. The hot beet pulp. The horse blankets. The frozen manure. The wind that would not stop. The layers of clothes. The ice. And the worry. The constant worry.

The telephone calls escalate during these weeks of winter. Panic calls. Panic calls that have people on the other end who cannot wait. Their horses are down. Freezing. The sheriff is on the way. What can we do? Will we come and take them? Who can take them? What to do with these horses who were forgotten long ago but just now remembered by their human.

Some of the horses I came in contact with this week were helped and they have crossed. Some have been left to struggle, to my dismay. The owners still not willing to see the depleted bodies and the spirits long gone. Some have been blanketed and had hay put in front of them. Bridged over for now. Until the next week of winter returns. Until the next panic filled telephone call.

Weeks like this take its toll. On them, more than anything. But on us. To those of us in rescue, it is during this kind of a week that we realize that there is no end to the need. There will always - always - be more than we can resuce. It can overwhelm you and cause you to give up. Or dig in a bit deeper. But it takes its toll, that's for sure.

In all of this, however, there was good news. News that brought a smile to my face and a sense of relief to my chest. News that you, too, need to know. The kind of news that brings a tear of gratitude for those who are willing to brave the cold and go outside when all else are hunkering down and staying inside.

So, we all need a week of relief. We need to rest and regroup. We need to warm up. On the inside and the outside. We need to enjoy this week. Be safe during this coming week of reprieve. Pray for those who are still enduring. Barely. And be joyful for those who have crossed. And then remember why we do this thing called rescue. Remember by remembering these three little souls....

Hi Sandy,

Good news! . . . all the kittens were adopted over the weekend! And Liam and Lucy went home together! Yay!!

Enjoy the journey of each and every day,
Sandy and The Herd

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