Friday, May 14, 2010


SherriStudio at Catfish Corner

Do you remember a few weeks ago . . . I introduced you to a "Sister in Rescue" and you read her guest blog? Sherri is a fellow horse lover and an artist. She is a Parelli student and understands the headset of "Love, Language, and Leadership" as illustrated by our simple rope halters. Sherri also has a way with words. Her guest blog contained a poem she had come across as she helped transport her friend's horse to a South Dakota ranch where they would continue their study of the Parelli horse handling technique. Do you remember?

Well, I was just checking emails before ending the day and I found an email from Sherri. Her farm is alive this weekend, as well, with the Fresh Art Tour - a three-day country tour of artist's studios and their works. Sherri's Studio is one of the destinations on this tour.

So, as I opened her email, I anticipated reading about the wind and her guests and how grateful she was (as was I!) that the rains had stopped and the sun had warmed our faces today.

Below is what I found. This woman's heart never ends. Her support of our Missions is constant. And I am so honored and proud to be a friend of this woman. Thank you, Sherri. Many thanks to you, dear heart!

BUT! You must read below and act quickly! Sheri's work is awesome and creative. See below and read of this woman's heart and her efforts to help us save a life! Thanks to all of you, too, for "taking a chance" with Sherri!

SherriStudio at Catfish Corner

This is the panel I have donated to Refuge Farms that I am raffling off this weekend at the Fresh Art Tour (Friday, May 14th through Sunday, May 16th).

Here's the deal---$1.00 per ticket gets you the chance to win this 9 x 15" stained glass panel. It it a combination of cobalt blue glass, clear bevels, smoke gray and various textured clear glass pieces. It is in a silver finish and would look stunning in your sunny window.

Here's how to get your chance to win it for as little as $1:

Go to

You will see this blog entry again and at the end of the blog, you will find a "BUY" button to purchase your raffle tickets.

Click on the "BUY" button for each denomination you choose - you can select either a $1 chance or $5 worth of chances. It's as easy as that!

This is only running for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the winner will be announced here (at Sherri's website) on Monday.

See what I mean? Isn't the glass piece just stunning? And it contains our royal blue color! Isn't it beautiful?

We'll keep you posted on this blog, as well, how the raffle comes out. Oh, how fun! How kind! And how generous and thoughtful! Just think . . . another life just waiting for us to come for him. Or her. Patiently enduring. And just waiting . . .

Thanks, Sherri - I'll see your smiling face very soon!

Enjoy the journey of each and every day,
Sandy and The Herd and A Whole Herd of Supporters!

MONDAY, MAY 17, 2010


What a beautiful weekend we had for the Tour! The weather was perfect and so many great people stopped in the visit the studio.

Thanks to the folks who entered the raffle this weekend which benefits Refuge Farms! We had 121 entries and 100% of the dollars go to the support of horses who have been rescued from very sad and abusive situations.

The judge finally arrived to draw the lucky number and.........

THE WINNER IS................ drum roll...............
Held by Lisa Johnson from Pepin, WI!................cheers!.........

Thank you, Lisa (you did STUFF the entry box) for your support and I hope you enjoy the panel for years to come!

The Fall Art Tour is going to be held the first weekend in October and I'll dream up another contest.

P.S. from Sandy:

I just "talked" with Sherri via email and her check has been received. Plus she added to the sum for her pledge to The Walk for Refuge. As a result, the full donation from this raffle with the added pledge from Sherri will go as one big pledge to help us meet our goal for care of the feet of The Herd.

Thank you, Sherri! And to all who purchased raffle tickets! Enjoy the panel, Lisa!

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