Sunday, September 12, 2010


End of Summer Celebration

Sometime in the last two weeks, it seems like a month has gone by. Just days (weeks) ago I was complaining about the heat and rain and saying, “Well, I’m not ready for winter, but I am ready for fall.”

After complaining more than once on the heat - 90 and humid - I saw areas of the nation with 100 degrees and more in heat index, and I thought, “Stop complaining, we are lucky!"

After complaining more than once about the rain, I watched the devastating news of the Pakistan floods, and I thought, “Stop complaining and start being grateful, we are really, really lucky!"

Well, it’s fall now to be sure. In all, we have had a good summer, and have much to be thankful for and to celebrate. And so The Gardening Club would like to invite you to our “End of Summer Celebration"!

This spring we planted Cole’s Sharing Garden and it has done quite well for a first-time attempt. Our peas didn’t fare too well, but the beans and radishes did okay, the onions, carrots, and beets took off great, and the corn beat the odds after being flattened during a thunderstorm. It came back and continued to grow, and now we have corn-on-the-cob to look forward to!

This celebration will be held Saturday, September 18th from 12 noon to 3 pm at THE FARM. We will cook up the corn until we either run out of corn or people to feed, whichever comes first!

Everyone is welcome! Bring drinks and a dish to pass if you would like, and lawn chairs, too. If it rains, we will all lounge out in the barn! Perhaps we’ll lounge out there anyway, as that is where all the quality personalities are!

We’ll talk of Old Man Cole and his love of apples, carrots, and beets. We’ll remember Princess Laddee with a tear or two, and pay our respects to her (she is resting very near Cole, you know).

We’ll talk about plans for the upcoming Fall Gala, and think up ideas for new desserts to bring to the Applebee’s breakfast.

And we’ll thank each other, for all the hard work we see that we do for THE FARM. Then we can end the day by brushing the horses and spending time with them. Sounds like the perfect fall afternoon – we are hoping to see you there!

Colleen B.
Refuge Farms Volunteer

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