Sunday, October 03, 2010


SherriStudio at Catfish Corner

Sherri from "SherriStudio at Catfish Corner" is a talented artist. Her work with glass is breathtaking. Creative and unique are words that come to mind as I key my impression of her talents. Sherri is also a horse lover and owner. And, to put the final frosting on this cake, Sherri is a follower of Parelli and the Natural Way with horses. So, to say the least, we hit it off and have horses and our styles in working with them in common. The artist part? Well, we all know that's not anything we have
remotely in common!

Sherri continues to work for Refuge Farms from her art studio. Emailing me messages of support and understanding. And, during the spring and fall art tour events, hosting some sort of fundraiser for Refuge Farms. She works to support
us and to spread the word.

Her website homepage,, has a picture of
Laddee, the Little Belgian Mare and the following words:

"Click here to get Sandy's Blog and read about Laddee, the Little Belgian Mare. Sandy Gilbert's mission is to heal and rehabilitate aged and abused horses and find homes for adoptable equine friends."

This fall's Fresh Art Tour is in its final end of a three day tour today. But here
is her Saturday, October 2nd, blog posting that I found late last night as I came
in from working outside tasks all day:

"In conjunction with the Fresh Art Tour I have donated the (10" x 13" panel)
Irish Claddagh (Heart in Hands) to benefit the works of Sandra Gilbert, a cause close to my heart, Refuge Farms in Spring Valley, Wisconsin. I love that it's possible for art to benefit horses! It's on display at the studio and I already
have entries from visitors who were in the studio yesterday.

The bad photo is reflecting from the sunny window,
but trust me, it's beautiful!

Tickets to enter are $1 each--you may enter as many times as you wish! 100% of the entries goes to Refuge Farm so it's a winner either way.

Plus, it's easy with the "Donate" button which sends
the money directly to Refuge Farm! One entry will
be submitted per dollar--and you will receive an email back so you know what your numbers are.

Entries will be accepted until NOON Monday since I was late getting this up."

My heart smiles when I see and read of such supportive souls out there. Helping us to save just one more life. On days when I think the job is bigger than Refuge Farms. On days when I think that maybe, after all these years of working so hard, we really aren't making even a small dent out there. On days when I'm tempted to relax and just leave it to someone else. On those days, these kinds of gestures are extended and I find my lungs filled with new, fresh air again.

Thank you, Sherri. Thank you for keeping us in your heart. And for the work your hands do on behalf of us. I'm hopeful that this blog will reap rewards for not only our Missions, but a reward to you for your efforts! Hopefully, your raffle will exceed your expectations!

Enjoy the journey of each and every day,
Sandy and The Grateful Herd


Monday, October 4, 2010
Raffle and Free Drawing Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered our drawing and the Refuge Farms raffle!

We had such a hugely successful weekend at the Fresh Art Tour--hundreds of visitors came to Catfish Corner! I had a drawing for a green and gold mission stained glass panel and also held a raffle for a celtic design bevel cluster. The Hon. Don P. Anderson was assigned the duty of drawing the winning tickets and has at this time completed the selection.

The Refuge Farms Raffle - Celtic Bevel winner is: Gretchen Wilson from Wabasha, Minnesota!

The Mission Panel in green and gold was won by Joanie Pfeiffer, all the way from Omaha, Nebraska!

I hope to get photos of our lucky folks with their glass panels and will share them soon.

Congratulations Gretchen and Joanie!

And thanks to you, Sherri!
Sandy and A Still Grateful Herd

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