Sunday, January 15, 2012


Your Christmas Gifts to Liz-Beth

On the morning of Christmas Day, I wrote to you and talked about the life of Liz-Beth, an elderly work horse with a need for special cares during the cold months of Winter here in Wisconsin. Many of your read that blog. In fact, I've printed a copy of the story and taped it to the stall door of Liz-Beth's living quarters at the University of Minnesota.

Your responses have paved the way for Refuge Farms to support his mare for the months of December, 2011 through March, 2012. I'm not sure yet where the remaining funds will come from but I guess that's were the faith comes in. We'll find a way or we'll sell some cheesecakes but we will find a way to keep our promises to this little mare who is so deserving of our care.

Below is a copy of the bulletin board where I have recognized those who have committed to a sponsorship for Liz-Beth. Bless you, everyone! May your goodness and love for this mare be rewarded to you in high fashion! I know for a fact that Liz-Beth is grateful and doing so very well in her warm surroundings.

I look forward to bringing her home in the muddy season. But until then, I rest so well knowing she is warm and cared for and at ease. Thank you. Thank you so very much for responding to the plea for help with Liz-Beth's cares.

Enjoy the journey of each and every day,
Sandy and The Herd and a warm and happy Liz-Beth!

Linda and Jim J. of Eau Claire, WI will support Liz-Beth for $30 per month for four months. Thank you! These are the very same people who sponsor her monthly injection costs, as well!

Nancy S. or Roseville, MN wrote me early this morning and said, "Sandy, as always, you write and my heart is touched. I would like to commit $30 for 4 months for Liz-Beth!" And Nancy also visits Liz-Beth to brush her and sing to her, making Liz-Beth the special one in the barn. Thank you, Nancy!

Karen H. of Eau Claire, WI wrote: "Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart." Washington Irving. How serendipitous for me to quote here on your e-mail as this is from Garrison Kieler's daily poetry page which I opened just after I read your e-mail. Thank you Sandy, for this amazing story, a special gift on this Christmas day, and thank you Liz-Beth, who through her strong and beautiful spirit, evokes "the genial flame of charity in the heart. Please count me in for a supporter." Thank you, Karen, oh lover of all animals!

Tom and Julie A. of Ellsworth, WI wrote and said: "Tom & I will help sponsor 1/30 of Liz-Beth for the four months she needs to stay at the U of M. Merry Christmas Liz-Beth!" You two are so kind and supportive. Thank you, both!

Chris A. of Baytown Township, MN says, "Count me in for Liz-Beth. Keep me posted on her progress." Thank you, Chris, for continuing to be there for Refuge Farms and its horses!

Dear Harriet H. of Elmwood, WI emailed, "Merry Christmas to you and the herd! I will donate thirty dollars for four months for Liz-Beth." You may remember Harriet as the one who raised her hand quickly and strongly when we needed to rehome the Paso Fino (whom she adores, by the way!). Many thanks, Harriet!

And our very own Other Herd Member, Robyn F. of FLORIDA said, "I'll support Liz Beth for $30 per month for four months. I'm saving money on my utilities, etc. by being here in Florida so I'm happy to have Liz-Beth benefit fromthe budget change. Merry Christmas!" Thank you, Robyn! And continued happiness to you in your new home.

"Count me in to sponsor LIz-Beth. Merry Christmas, Sandy, and thanks for all that you do!" was the message from Carolyn S. of St. Paul, MN. Thank you, Carolyn, for the kind words and the life support for Liz-Beth! She's close to you now . . . drop on over and groom her, walk her, get your 'horse fix' with her! Enjoy her!

"I can swing $30.00 a month to keep her safe and well, an honor for such a grand Liz-Beth. Merry Christmas Lynn O." Thanks, Lynn. And yes, she is a grand one, isn't she? Lynn O. of Altoona, WI.

Colleen B. of Eau Claire, WI writes, "Oh, I was hoping you would put out a “call” just like this … count me in too!" Thank you, Colleen. Your heart is so generous and giving!

In her no nonsense-kind-of-way, Bridget M. of River Falls, WI lends her support of life to Liz-Beth by saying, "Sign me up....". Thanks, B. Very much.

Karen H. of Eau Claire, WI has the biggest, most generous heart beating in her chest! She saw that we were about 30% of the way to sponsoring Liz-Beth's needs for this winter and so she took action. Karen signed up for a second sponsorship! Thank you, Karen! May your goodness be returned to you ten-fold!

In this past year, I have called some "Sister in Rescue" and I have found out my hopes were misplaced. But Jeani B. of New Richmond, WI has never, ever let me down. She is truly a woman with the animals in her heart and I am proud to call her my Sister in Rescue. Jeani says, "Count me in for the monthly donations to support Liz-Beth!". Thank you, Jeani. From me, from Liz-Beth, and from your barn full of living, happy creatures.

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