Monday, April 30, 2012


Refuge Farms is Published

I’m an amateur member of the Equine Photographers Network. Quite some time ago I discussed with Sandy an opportunity to enter their 2011 Horses in Need Documentary Project. Of course, I have the easiest part; I only have to tell the story with photos. Sandy has the much more difficult part, telling the story with text. And, once again she did a fabulous job.

Long story short, we got published for the Refuge Farms Laddee story. This is their lead:


Laddee, the Little Belgian Mare
by Sandy Gilbert, Spring Valley, Wisconsin

Sandy Gilbert is the Executive Director of Refuge Farms in Spring Valley, WI. Laddee is a Belgian mare that has just arrived at the sanctuary, and she is dying. Nothing can be done to change that. Laddee is suffering from a tumor on her eye and has cancer that can not be cured. The issue is quality of life. Sandy shares Laddee's story.


If anyone is interested, you can access their website and read more at:

I’m so proud of Sandy for her many abilities in continuing the mission of Refuge Farms. Congratulations my dear friend.

Gary Stevens

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